An argument in favor of animal testing for the purpose of clinical research

They point out the many times that a drug has passed the animal trials only to fail the following human trials. This way!

why is animal testing unethical

In principle, it should be possible to use this method in humans and therefore to reduce the number of animals needed to study new compounds; however, it too has limitations. I rest my case as I believe animal testing is cruel.

An argument in favor of animal testing for the purpose of clinical research

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why is animal testing cruel

We did not track the number of people asked to participate, but our impression was that most of those approached completed the paper survey. Many brave knights had attempted to free her from this dreadful prison, but none prevailed.

Good science, relevant and, importantly, efficient science is what we must strive for.

Pro animal testing articles

Here, we survey a large sample of the public, medical students, academic pediatricians, and scientists to determine their considered opinions regarding the moral permissibility of AR. For example thanks to testing on mice there has been more cancer survivors than ever. Laboratory mice, for example, live for only two to three years, so researchers can study the effects of treatments or genetic manipulation over a whole lifespan, or across several generations, which would be infeasible using human subjects. All UK researchers must hold an animal licence and have attended a Home Office training course. The FOI Act is intended to promote openness and accountability, and to facilitate better public understanding of how public authorities carry out their duties, why and how they make decisions, and how they spend public money. This means that the UK now provides more public information about animal research than any other country. Well actually that would be a giant. Advert Understandably, when a drug or other medical treatment is developed, it must be tested in an entire living system. Question: Which of those drugs should we give to some healthy young human volunteers as the first dose to humans all other things being equal?

I've talked to Alice Bader - Mar PM what people don't understand about animal testing is that it's cruel and inhumane. Gluck; Ethics and Behavior, Vol.

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Using Animals for Testing: Pros Versus Cons