An analysis of the parallels between beowulf and the world trade center tragedy

An analysis of the parallels between beowulf and the world trade center tragedy

These parallels between monsters and heroes are not lost on the poet. Hate really had triumphed for some time, because the terrorist had succeeded in instilling fear and uncertainty in the minds of Americans. We are always going to be faced with the threat of terrorist attacks and attacks from various groups.

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Author: Allan Leider. There are a number of different outcomes that may occur if there is another terrorist attack. The terrorists did come along unsuspecting and were able to reach their target with their victims unknowing.

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They accomplished their attack with deception and trickery. How should we translate a word that somehow encapsulates both the best and the worst of characters? And these parallels only get stronger as the poem progresses. The opposition between human and monster is far murkier than we might think, especially when it comes to our hero. Her research focuses on medieval communication, in particular on runic writing, the theft of manuscripts, and various aspects of digital medievalism. What does he look like to the Swedes? We are taking the right steps to defeat terrorism. To defeat the enemy, Beowulf had to go and track the enemy down in its own territory. His identity remains a mystery throughout the story, and he uses slyness to elude detection by performing his grueling tasks at night. Beowulf hid in Herot until he had the right opportunity to pounce on his enemy, Grendel.

Monsters and heroes If we push this reading further, though, things get more complicated. We should look to Beowulf as a positive sign of how to deal with evil and defeat it. Which is somewhat similar to Grendel who attacks just for himself, but offers no reparations or solution to end his rampage.

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