All of the psychoanalyst essay

Psychoanalysis, originally intended as a theory to explain therapeutic or psychological concepts, explains the nature of human development and all aspects of mental functioning.

All of the psychoanalyst essay

In this integrative approach, the problem at hand is a client dealing with depression. Holden Caulfield, from J. Freud's many writings detail many of his thoughts on mental life, including the structural theory of the mind, dream interpretation, the technique of psychoanalysis, and assorted other topics. The four main phases in sexual development are the oral phase, the sadistic-anal phase, the phallic phase, and the genital phase, and each phase is characterized by specific occurrences. Consequently, the author contends that psychoanalysis is indeed a "great" idea in personality. The id wants what it wants, when it wants it; regardless of whether or not it is possible to satisfy that particular want or need In dream analysis, the therapist interprets the dream of the patient, explaining the manifest content and latent content. Julia Kristeva refers to the analysand's narrative as an instance of "'borderline' [neurotic] discourse" which "gives the analyst the impression of something alogical, unstitched, and chaotic" Finally, I believe that psychoanalysis is a substantial theory of personality because it is directly responsible for the development of additional psychological theories and hypotheses that otherwise may have been missed. Critics dispute many aspects of psychoanalysis including whether or not it is indeed a science; the value of the data upon which Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, based his theories; and the method and effectiveness of psychoanalytic treatment. The main focus is on CBT and how psychoanalytic, Adlerian and the postmodern approaches build on this integrative approach. Therefore psychoanalysis is also often introduced through media such as TV, radio, and film scripts.

InFreud coined the term "psychoanalysis," and for the next forty years of his life, he worked on thoroughly developing its main principles, objectives, techniques, and methodology.

The main tenets of this theory are characterized into four subsections.

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Borderline Personality Disorder, or BPD, is an emotional disorder that creates unstable behavior and stress in an individual.

In a certain sense, we treat boredom like we treat childishness itself — as something to be overcome and grown out of, rather than simply as a different mode of being, an essential one at that.

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He merged the structural linguistics with dynamic phenomena of desire. Ego is the next aspect of the mind and deals with reality. As the term suggests, logotherapy focuses on finding the meaning of human existence, as well as man's search for meaning as a means to rehabilitate an individual. Because of this element of truth, society looks to psychoanalysis as an important tool for understanding human nature. His theories are directly and indirectly concerned with the nature of the unconscious mind. Existentialism became identified with a cultural movement that blossomed in Europe during the forties and fifties; this term adopted by Jean-Paul Sartre as a self-description in Sartre and his associates postwar literary and philosophical writings. All of these suppressed human emotions play an important role in constituting human unhappy psychic. A Viennese physician, Josef Breuer, carried this purging further with a process based on his patient, Anna O. Second, analysts begin to form hypotheses about what happened to the patients in the past and what is currently happening to them in their daily life. Humans are born with their id, and it allows them to acquire their basic needs. Libido participates in every instinctual manifestation, but not everything in that manifestation is libido. Freud contends that sexual life begins with manifestations that present themselves soon after birth p. Although for many years Freud had been considered a radical by many in his profession, he was soon accepted and well-known worldwide as a leading expert in psychoanalysis Gay, , p. To begin to understand logotherapy, one must look at the origin of the word. In the final chapters of An Outline of Psychoanalysis, Freud insists that it is neither practical nor fair to scientifically define what is normal and abnormal, and despite his theory's accuracy, "reality will always remain unknowable" p.

Popper claims that only when individuals are not neurotic is it possible to empirically determine if prospective patients are currently neurotic p. The second method of psychoanalysis is dream analysis. All of them are psychoanalyses of his life. Shevrin insists that "Freud's admirable heuristic hypotheses did not come out of the thin air or simply out of his imagination" p.

Freud spent many years hypothesizing about the role of dreams and their interpretation. Hysteria is now commonly referred to as conversion disorder. For the analysand, the pleasure is in the telling: "[T]he analyst is struck by a certain maniacal eroticization of speech, as if the patient were clinging to it, gulping it down, sucking on it, delighting in all the aspects of an ora A century and a half ago, Kierkegaard argued that this impulse to escape the present by keeping ourselves busy is our greatest source of unhappiness.

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A Guide to Psychoanalytic Criticism