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Back in town, Jack is threatened by henchmen who want him to leave town, but he fights them off, capturing and interrogating one to find out who wants him gone.

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Bradford -born Hepton was cast by Hodges as Kinnear's nervous messenger. Michael Klinger was involved in promotion of the film in the UK, using the experience from his background as a distributor to conduct a strong advertising campaign. Beechcroft stood derelict for many years and was finally demolished in December , [43] despite a campaign to preserve it as a tourist attraction. Godfrey Quigley was cast as Eddie, a colleague of Frank Carter's. Sewell was the man who introduced Barbara Windsor to Charlie Kray. To Hodges, the car park and the cast iron bridges over the Tyne , "seemed to capture the nature of Jack Carter himself". This lab processed Kodak 's Eastman Color Negative , so it is most likely the film was shot on this stock.

These are not publicly visible crimes. Jack encounters another old associate, Eric Paice Ian Hendrywho refuses to tell Jack who is employing him as a chauffeur. Carter's killing of Brumby [39] and his own assassination were further alterations from the novel, emphasising the film's parallels with revenge tragedy [37] and Carter's role as what Geoff Mayer calls "the moral agent The naturalistic camera work avoids cliches and adds effectively to the atmosphere.

The tops of the staithes as they appear in the film have been demolished so only the base of the structure remains In shooting the scene in which Carter throws Brumby to his death from the multi-storey car park, Hodges used four shots: one of the pair struggling high up on the stairs; one from the lowest level of the stairwell where Caine actually threw Bryan Moseley over the side onto mattresses; one shot of a dummy falling; and one of the body of Brumby on top of a crushed car.

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Carter chases Paice along these near the film's conclusion. Carter moves through a world of working-class pubs, boardinghouses managed by sad-eyed and warm-voiced widows and off-track betting parlors.

The extent of women's liberation is also questioned. Get Carter, however, is not without its moments of comedy.

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Get Carter: No 7 best crime film of all time