A biography of ben jonson a comedy writer

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English Literature: An Illustrated Record. The basis for these charges cannot easily be deduced from the quarto and folio texts, which differ, on Jonson's admission, from the play as originally performed. Informations, —60 By early May Jonson was back in London, where he was warmly welcomed by King James, who had taken a close interest in his northern travels. Jonson's words stung—one of the writers he targeted later wrote a play portraying him as hostile, rude, and disrespectful. In his masques Jonson was fertile in inventing new motives for the arrival of the strangers. Jonson escaped by reading the so-called neck-verse Psalm Most of his poetry was written in short lyric songlike forms, which he handled with great skill. These advisers were evidently unable to persuade him to a conversion, for in May and June of the same year he and Anne were back in the Consistory Court to answer the same charges Life Records, 33, 34,

Jonson was to revise the play extensively for publication in his folio, reversing the play's title and subtitle, and including much satire on court behaviour that is not to be found in the quarto of A decisive quarrel with Jones harmed his career as a writer of court masques, although he continued to entertain the court on an irregular basis.

Jonson died in and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

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Sorlien,; Epigr. Another reason why he fails to present life completely is shown in these lines, in which he defines his mission: "My strict hand Was made to seize on vice, and with a gripe Squeeze out the humor of such spongy souls As lick up every idle vanity.

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A recently redated letter from Jonson to Robert Cotton suggests that Jonson may have suffered serious illness in late or earlyeither before or after taking up residence with Townshend Letter 1; Bland, a.

The court performance was evidently not liked. He was appointed as poet laureate and rewarded a substantial pension in the same year. A study of this play adds to our knowledge of a certain phase of the times.

A biography of ben jonson a comedy writer

We may change Jonson's line so that it will state one reason for his not maintaining Shakespearean excellence: "He was not for all time, but of an age.

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Ben Jonson Biography